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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  January 18, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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p you never think it could phappen to you. pto your home.
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pgoing on right now a prayer pbreakfast in honor dr. martin pluther king, jr. we honor him pand all he did for the civil prights movement. pgood monday morning yes, it pdr. martin luther king, jr. day. pif you have some time go out penjoy it maybe do something nice pfor somebody else a dr. king p>>. arades. pwhat about the weather, lindsay? pweather cooperating if you have pthe players. pjackets. pyou'll need them. psunshine at least. pand the wind is dying down psomewhat. pwe're slowly thawing 49 brook pdale bay shore light northerly pwind we climbed two degrees pnow 47. p>> 43 the cool spot, crystal priver new port richey we're at p46 in bartow. p50 in venice. phuge 24-hour changes. pagain you'll need jacket 22 pdegrees cooler in new port prichey. pnext couple of days feature pbelow average temperatures. pcoolest in the week. pcoolest morning of week comes in pon wednesday. pso we'll talk about who will
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pfew minutes. pvanessa. pthank you, lindsay. pright now 9:01. proads have been pretty quiet and pcooperative this morning light pvolumes out there you can see on proad sensor along 275 in inellas just aheads up disabled pvehicle reported along 54th pavenue south. pat 34th street south. pwe have a reports of one lane pblocked. pso just keep an eye out for that pas you head that way. pwe do want to move and talk pabout what happened early sunday pmorning certainly a horrible psituation as storms moved pthrough two grandparents died pfrom the tornado that moved pthrough the area. ptwo grandchildren we're learning pare in stable condition. ptwo others have been released pfrom the hospital. pthis was of course the family pthat was inside a mobile home in pduet. hoto journalist will you cuss pbog and i were there on scene pshortly after wreck age phappened. pvery powerful to see all of that pdebris. pessentially a mobile home that pwas picked up off of its blocks, pcrushed, smashed pieces.
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pme the most was seeing the pneighbors. pand loved ones of those who died pwho came to the site in tears psorting through the debris of pwhat used to be a home. pyou know we never want to report pa sad situation like this. pbut it is a reminder for all of pus to really be weather aware pask have plan for something like pthis. pi'm sure we'll touch on that. p>> governor scott has already ptoured hardest hit areaspmana pcounty leaders with them along pwith electric company prepresentatives nine nearly peight thousand people without ower when the storm moved pthrough governor promised people pthe state will be there to help pthem clean up. p>> fox 13 shayla reeves is on pbay winds lane in sarasota. panother hear that has been hard phit. p>> shayla. p>> hey good morning to you, prussell. pwe have now learned that the phome behind me, one with the pmost significant damage here in pthis cul-de-sac was actually a phome that was up for sale for p1.7.
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pyou can see what's left of it. pthe roof collapsed. pthe second floor in pieces pessentially after that tornado pcame through over the weekend. pa short time ago i had a chance pto speak with a young man who pwas staying at home next door to pthis one. pand he he described after that ptornado rolled through he and phis brother came over next door, pand they helped to get a woman pan older woman downstairs out of pthat home. enned upstairs in area just pabove the garage, you're seeing pthere on your screen was a pcouple inside of a bedroom, a pwoman who was unable to move pbecause she was surrounded by so pmuch debris. pwe learned that firefighters pactually came and were able to prescue her. pshe and her husband are okay. pwe learned they escaped with pjust some bruises and cuts. pin the meantime though, as they pworked to assess the damage and pdetermine what if anybody could
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ptake you right across to other phomes on this street, many of pthem are covered with a tarps plike the blue one there at the phome next door. palong with the boarded garage pentry way. phome after home after home on pbay winds lane. pthose tarps literally dot this pneighborhood. peach one of them a sign of the pwork, repair work that's going pto have to take place. pnow that this tornado has made pits way through. pso just to give you an idea, i pspoke this morning with a man pwho said he lived here over pweekend rather we heard from man pwho lived in neighborhood since p1976. pand said, he watched this pneighborhood develop. phe watched it change overtime. pbut he said one thing he never pexpected to see was to see this pneighborhood destroyed. pneighbor after neighbor told us pthey heard sound as storm came pthrough. pthey heard the wind. pthey heard the rain. pand it was only a few seconds,
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ptime, once daylight came around, pthey described seeing just the pimpact that that tornado had on pbay winds lane. pwe'll continue to keep you osted throughout the day. plot work still to be done on pthis street and other pcommunities. pbut certainly, everyone that we pspoke with this morning said, pyou know, it definitely could phave been much worse but they pare glad they are okay. pback to you. pall right shayla, thank you. pin other headlines this more pthan a marine from florida is pone of 12 missing after two phealth copter crashed in hawaii pon friday. pcorporal thams from fort meyers prescuer searching for marines pbut have not been able to locate pany of them so far. pthe discreets are closed and piraqi security forces are door pto door this morning in baghdad. pthey are looking for three pamericans kidnapped over the pweekend. pthe iraqi government says they pwere taken from their pinterpreter's home and taken to psolder city. pall communication with the pkidnapper stopped after that plocal police have a different pstory.
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pbeen able to figure out don't pone is the truth. pthere no word yet on who is presponsible nor do we have the pidentities of the americans. pin a prisoner exchange swap pthree americans are free. pthey spent the night in germany pundergoing medical evaluations. piran released 4 americans. pone decided to stay in the pcountry. p>> u.s. air force plane is pstanding by to bring the release pof the americans back to the pu.s. pand their families. pin an exchange for their freedom pu.s. has released three iranians pthey left a federal detention pcenter in houston yesterday. pthe prisoner swap is part of piran nuclear deal which was just pfinalized. pbut there is still the question pabout robert levenson the former pf.b.i. agent who has missing in piran since 2007. phe was part of the discussions pregarding the exchange. pand according to president iran phas said they will actively help pto find this man. p>> well it's the last battle on pstate before voting begins.
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phillary clinton aligned herself pmore with president obama. pand status quo. pshe also went after rival bernie psanders. psaying he is flip flopped his osition on universal healthcare pand gun control. pand it will be an interesting ptwo weeks. psanders gaining on clinton and pnational polls in iowathat. pcaucus just two weeks from ptoday. pit could pose problems for pclinton if she does the no win. pwe will have fox 13 political peditor craig patrick coming pcoming up a 9:30 to talk about pwhat that would mean if sanders pdoes in fact get upset. p9:0 eight. pdevelop emergency to story out pof ohio. pa danville police officer has pshot ask killed. pdetails still unfolding what pauthorities are saying the pofficer was reported missing pwhile on duty. paround midnight last night. p>> search found the officers pblood stained hat but then after pa more thorough search the pofficer was found. pweathers teaed dead. ptwo hours later people were parrested in connection with that pofficer's murder. pthis morning tampa organization
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pannual martin luther king, jr. pleadership breakfast. pstarted just before 7 at the philton hotel in downtown tampa. pkeynote sheer was joe madison pmore than one thousand people pwere at that breakfast including pmayor buckhorn. pbesides breakfast many other pevents and parades going on to phonor dr. king. pinclude thing 31st annual pdr. martin luther king, jr. drum pmajor for justice national arade in st. petersburg. pthat begins at 11 o'clock. pat 3rd third avenue south and pdr. mlk street going along pcentral avenue and ending up phave a notice park. pimmediately following parade new pfamily festival. pon east side of tropicana field pwith live music, entertainment pand food. pthey will try that out this pyear. pin tampa the 27th making the pdream a reality parade. pthis one starts at noon. pand it ends a middleton high pschool. pcelebration honored diversity pand community spirit throughout ptampa.
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pfrom jamaica that will play. p well how one person's pmistake could help you find the pjob of your dreams. pdoug arms is here. phe'll explain. pgoing back in time, staying warm pthe old fashioned way. pwith fires coon skin hats swen pcarr resignation is honor way of pflorida an zest others good pmorning and walter allen. pthat's right. phe's with the manatees. pgood morning guys. pa lot of us don't look forward pto cold after all why we live in pflorida. pbut there's one reason to take padvantage of the cold. pwe get to see the manatee. pwe're at the manatee viewing pcenter this morning. pthese are loving loving pcreatures.
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plooking for a job is never fun pbut necessary are things that phiring manager do that you the pjob seeker can definitely take padvantage of. pdoug arms vice-president with pkelly services. ptwo parter. pwe found this article. pten hiring mistakes to avoid pwritten by doug arms. pand my great colleague tony p>> this is humorous. pfrom what i've able to read so pfar you're taking it, you're pgoing to turn it around. pyes. pbut what it was intended for was pfor hiring managers how not to pmess things up. pbased on years of our
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pmanager kind of screwed up. peveryone was challenge with war pon talent we can't get right ptalent and can't make hires fast penough that stick around. plot of common mistakes many phiring managers make. pi thought we can flip this paround for job seeker and give pthem insight on where hiring pmanagers mess it up and how to ptake advantage of those. pas we said ten points we're pgoing to do 5 today and 5 next pweek. pi will throw them outlet you ptalk. pusing a generalist instead of a pspecialist. p>> how often does this happen. pa specialized hiring manager, pthey give search to hr or pcorporate are you creter general pthat's doesn't have that level pof understanding that's pindividual doing initial pscreening and the initial poverview of the candidates. pit gets very, very screwed up psometimes to be honest when they pdon't have technical punderstanding it really puts pburden on the cad to go the pexplain what they do make sure pwe talked about look at the job pdescription match your resumes pto terminology to job
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pfor that potential generalist to ush you ahead in the process. p all right. p>> all right. pfailing to provide sufficient pfeedback. pso often the hiring manager just pinterviews you says okay we'll pcall and they don't. por they don't give you enough pfeedback in the process. pthey are kind of thinking i'm pnot sure you're right fit or not pthey don't tell you why you're pnot right fit or may not tell precruiter. pit's so important to pull that pinformation out at the end of pthe interview and at least a pfollow-up thank you note to find pout wrer there any areas that i pdidn't sprain clearly enough or panything stopping you from plooking me ahead in the protsdz. preally good opportunity i didn't pthink you have enough experience pin that one area let me clarify pthat a little bit more i really pdid. plet me explain why. pwhen should you do we've got to pmove on when should you do that pfollow-up? pwhen should you take that upon pyourself? p>> i think that you should, pestablish a time line at the end pof the interview when can i pexpect to hear from you pcertainly fair they say maybe a pweek. pfirst round of interviews.
9:16 am
plook forward to following up pwith you on monday would that pcan ask for permission and pexpect it. pi think interviewer like the passertion. p>> nice. pokay. p>> i like this one, limiting pyourself to active candidates. p>> right now if you look degreed rofessional about 2.5 percent. uts very, very small number of eople that are actively looking pfor a job. pthey are going to reply to ads por submit resume to ads or they pwill go to post it online job pboards. pthat cuts off hiring manager pfrom a tremendous pool of pcandidates that are just not pactively looking. pso if you know that, and you pknow hiring managers are not pnecessarily doing that this is pwhere you get to expand if pyou're going to apply to jobs pthat's fine. pbut also make yourself very pvisible in passive searchs when pyou look things linkedin or pfacebook. pbut really on link have had very pcomplete profile that explains pexactly what you do. pand it will give you gauge of phow complete your profile is pmake sure you put it lot time
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pworked really hard on this particle. p>> so i want to let's stop it pthere. pthree part series. p>> the trilogy. phiring trilogy. pyou think? pthis is not star wars. pit's good. pthat good. pvery good. p>> it's good. pit's not that good. pgood enough it deserves our pattention. pthere will be there's going to pa lot. pevery house how would will have paround. plet's get over to. pthank you. pnow. pnot a transition out of that pone. pgood morning to you sun is out pvisible satellite imagery pshowing tons of dry air in play.
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pwe look a numbers first want to pshow you winds that have been psoaring out north, northeast. pthey are still a bit breezy in pspots by the bay. pst. pete, we've got 15-mile per phour sustained wind. psoot times you'll notice the pbreeze. pbut overall less gusty. pmuch brighter today. pit's 47 degrees in tampa after a pstart of 45. pnorth winds at eight miles an phour. paround the bay area, starting to pthaw after cold start most of us ushing 50. pyour little further behind pcrystal river. p46 in wesley chapel 50 in plakeland. pthat's cold for our standards pbut a whole lot colder in pchicago. pminneapolis. pwhere it's below zero. pcanadian air mass that plunges psouth south by wednesday more pthan we will see freezing ptemperatures north of bay where pa freeze watch is in effect. pcitrus hernando and sumter pcounts. pchilly today but less gusty. psunshine around for few days our pnext storm system doesn't move pin until friday. pat this time there will be a pthreat for some thunderstorms. pand we'll keep a close eye. pset up looks different than what pwe saw on sunday morning at this ptime.
9:19 am
plet's keep it that way. p60 for today. pcool winter day less windy for pus. pbut chilly tonight. plook at that. p41 will be coldest of the season pin tampa. pwith mid 30s north. ptuesday we're shy of 60 for phigh. paverage high is 70. pbright sunshine but on chilly pside enjoy your afternoon today pbetter off boating tomorrow pbecause our seas are still up 4 pto six foot waves and not raid pchop. phere's my 7 day forecast we go pfrom 38 wednesday morning 38 to pshowers and storms friday and p72. pand just in time for the kids arade saturday. plooks pretty chilly and breezy pby the bay. plucky if we make it into upper p50s. pall right lindsay, thank you. pno one is worrying couping cool ptoday in july a shade tree is pjust what doctor florida giving paway ten thousand trees in honor pharbor day coming up in april pstrategically placed tree wan pdrop bill by as much 30 percent. phomeowners can order their tree
9:20 am
pbut it's only one tree per paddress. pand incredible service they rovide. pjust the same. p>> and again, the name of the pgame is keeping warm. ptoday fox 13's ken suarez with psome frontiers men and women who plove doing this kind of thing eople travel from all over to pto take part. pwhap weekend they chose. p>> actually, a thousand people pcoming here, a lot of them pmerchants, 200 people out here pselling their wairs wares. pthis will keep you warm like pthis silver fox tail i see eople wearing them on their phats around back a little bit plower. pall kinds of stuff. pwe're now in one the sources pfather and son and friends. plet me introduce you to roprietor, joey hall. p>> yes, sir. pi understand ooi i've got psomething down here what is this pthing? pthis a drinking a steer horn pthat was used as drinking pvessel. pbecause they were readily pavailable they would sealed with pbees wax so it wouldn't leak pthey were sometimes decorated
9:21 am
psilver. psomething like this would coulds pyou how much? pback in day a pound or two. pwhich was pretty much a p>> back in this day? p$35. p>> okay. psomething on the floor. ptake a look down here. psteer heidi ide. pthis is a steer hide. pi have sheep skins. psomething like this steer hide pis a big as it is about 150 to p$300 depending on the grade. pthis is a sheep skin. pthese wonderful to a sleep on. pwarm in winter and cool in psummer. pthese go anywhere from $25 to p$50. pokay. pwe'll talk about one of the pgoods over here uch a special psfries for us why don't you get pready for that. p>> tell us. pwe have a powder horn here. pit's done in the irish way. pand this is what you do to prime pyour guns your black powder pguns. pwe also have a mickey wise. pand mickey wise knife here.
9:22 am
plet me recap for you guys have pyou haven't heard earlier today. pwe were talk about this place pbeing open to the public on pfriday and saturday. pit's really inexpensive. p$10 for adults. p$5 if you're senior or you're a pkid. palong with the stuff we've ptalking about in this secretary pthere is living history that you pcan walk right through. art of it is music. ptake it away joey hall we're pgoing leave our segment plistening to him. pline p p p p p this happens not only during pday but at night when pcandlelight turns people start peating i understand they drink a plittle bit too and a great time pweekend. pcome on down. p>> unbelievable in this. pact 2, scene 2. pken, thank you.
9:23 am
p award season is in full pswing right now. pbut the big one oscars is pstirring up a little pcontroversy. pnot for who they nominated but pwho they didn't. psome celebs say they may boycott pit altogether. pmanatees, not boycotting teco ower plant. pthey are getting warm in water pall snugly bringing their whole pfamily in thp these manatees are stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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here in vineland, home of progresso, ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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p good day tampa bay. pwalter allen in for charley pbelcher. pwe're ae manatee viewing center. pwhich is in apollo beach. pfree. pand open from november until p>> november 1st through
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pseven days a week. p7 days a week. ponly exception is that is, pchristmas and p>> easter. pand early we close early on pchristmas eve. erfect. pbut this is just such an amazing lace. pyou know, everybody talks about pit. peverybody loves it i've never pbeen out here. pi'm just in awe all of these pbeautiful loving manatees like plaura said with all of their pfamily members just thanking pout. pdrinking some water. pand enjoying their spa time. patmospheres beautiful thing. pit's a beautiful thing. p>> as we mentioned earlier we pteased a little bit ahead these pare loving creatures. pif you don't believe it take plook at their bones. pthis is vertebra. plook at that, that's a heart. pthat's how you know these loving ploving creatures. pthis is in the education center. palong with a number of other pthings. pwhich is what is this in this a prib bone. pmanatee rib bones are solid no pbone marrow very heavy and helps
9:27 am
pgrass and that kind of thing pthey have bone marrow everybody pwhere else but their rib bones. ptheir lungs are protected so pthey have elongated lungs. pyou have to take so much haur to pbuoyant release it so they can psink back down. pvery, very cool. pjust oh my gosh. pthese are just loving creatures. pwhen are they most active? pactually just all day long. pit depends. pthey leap a slot can eat up to p10 percent of their weight they pegg sleep eight hours a day you pwill probably see higher sun pgets they will bask. pthey will take the warmth in pfrom the sun as well. pso, 10 percent of their weighty. pthey weigh typically 1200 ounds. pi mentioned earlier, russell psaid that their breath is like plettuce. preally, really bad stale pdisgusting lettuce. p>> you can smell it inside the peducation building. pwe actually have a display that pyou can push. pseven days a week.
9:28 am
phoping until closing. pcome see us a great place to plearn about manatee and other pwildlife. pjamie, thank you so much. pguys, back to you. pi kissed worse. pi've kissed worse that we heart pthem. psee you later. p>> see. ptake care oscar most coveted of phonors. pnow some celebrities may boycott pbecause, of what they perceive pas a all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk! okay! fun's over. aw. aw. thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget,
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aren't you lactose intolerant?
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psorry. pwelcome back to good day tampa pbay. ptime right now is 9:30. pin iraq the search is on to find pthree americans who have been pkidnapped. pthey were taken from their pinterpreter's home at gunpoint. pthis was an in city dora. piraqi government says they were pthen driven to a solder city pwhere they lost track kidnapper pnow security forces are going pdoor to door looking for them. pthe americans are allegedly pcontractors working at the pbaghdad airport. pthe u.s. embassy has not pconfirmed that. pnor which company me may work pfor. pno group claimed responsibility pfor kidnap's just yet. pwas thought shiite militia man. p>> the african country has pstarted three days of national pmourning. pthis comes after al qaeda pstormed a hotel last week pkilling at least 28 people. pthe hotel catered to tourist and pforeigners. psome victims include ad south
9:31 am
pa canadian family of 4 also on phumanitarian mission were killed pduring this 12-hour siege. pcountry's president said pterrorism will not be tolerated. pvowed to step up security in the pcapital and along its borders. prace for the democratic residentialing nomination ptightening up. pit was obvious on the stage last pnight. p>> the leader, hillary clinton pwas back in line with president pobama's view and policies. p>> but she was also stepping up pher attacks against the close pcompetitor bernie sanders. p>> fox 13 political editor craig atrick watched whole thing and pjoins us to talk a little bit pabout it. pgood morning, views el. pthis move for hillary, being a pmore of a backer than i think pshe has toward president obama's olicies good move for her? p>> well it remains to be scene. pright now she is trying to shore pup support along the democratic pbase she sees doing that by way
9:32 am
pin fact obamas third term. pthat is argument that she made pin the course of this debate. pthe challenge that she has in pdoing this while it may hey off pfor her that is many in articular younger voters are phungry for change and the resident even among democrats prepresents the status quo. pif you look polling it clearly pwould younger voters gravitating pnot toward hillary clinton but pto bernie sanders. pwill what will turn out be? pthis remains to be scene to what pextent this will pay off for pher. pi know that the race is close in piowa and new hampshire between pthese two. p>> nationally though, hillary pclinton seems to have a definite padvantage. pbut, is if she were to lose one por both of these states, it pwould really hurt her going on, pwouldn't it? pyes because it's all about pmomentum. pwe've seen how quickly policies pcan shift remember when rudy pgiuliani back in 2007 and 200 peight was squatting on florida.
9:33 am
pwhat happened he lost i with he plost other down chain that lead pevaporated you have lot in articular big states like pflorida that tend to reroo flekt pnational trends. pso what happens voters all pacross nation start looking for pwinners who see who momentum in pearly states. pidea is if a candidate can win pone or both states in this articular case if he does, he pcould get a huge shot of pmomentum which could carry him pthrough the south. pchallenge that hillary clinton pdoes far better among african pamericans within the democratic arty than sanders. pand with this she stands to gain pmuch more support in south pcarolina and other states after piowa in new hampshire. p>> what was your take away last pnight watching this, watching pthe debate? pwhat did you, i mean clearly it pwas way more fiery than pdemocrats had been before. pbut, you could tell that phillaries getting a little pworried i think. pmy take away too. pthe race tightened. pwe see in way she went after
9:34 am
pwhat was very interesting though pis that she went after him for pflip flopping on issues while psanders could certainly turn paround gay marriage and other pissues saying hillary clinton pyou flip flopped too. pshe also went after him for pchallenging or questioning resident obama in 2011. pthat he was not always a pconsistent supporter of the resident. pwell sanders countered indeed he phas been. pthink about will being launching pthat line of attack against pbernie sanders. pit would have been very easy for psanders, and it will be easy pgoing forward to into into vault pdig up a lot of example when phillary clinton was literally prunning against president obama pand dug up a lot things she said pas well. pgot to go. pgood to see you as always. p>> all right. pit is 9:35 now. pbig clean up begins today in psarasota and manatee counties. ptornadoes moved through the area pyesterday morning. preally powerful ones too fox 13
9:35 am
pwhere some of the worst damage phappened. pgood morning, shayla. p>> hi, good morning to you. pa lot of folks are going to be pcleaning up today and trying to pgo through and determine what if panything they can save after pthat tornado. pright now i'm heir with tammy. pyour mother lived at this home pbehind me. pand described for me to see it pthis way. pyou grew up here too. phow difficult it? p>> you just really can't pdescribe it. pit's unbelievable. pand the backside of the house, pthere's nothing there. pit looks like it was a one pstory. peverything was just pushed pforward on to my mom. pand when you say pushed forward pon to your mom you got here retty quickly mom was right pupstairs there above the garage. ptell me what you saw when you parrived yesterday. p>> she was actually her bedroom pin the back of the house and all psliding glass doors. pand when she heard the wind pshaking she got up to come to
9:36 am
ptornado hit then lifted the roof pand collapsed she was buried in pthe middle there. p>> and for your mom in articular, this to be trapped pin that way tell me why that was pso difficult for her and too pbeing this them a little time to pget her out. pshe's extreme claustrophobic. pand she was buried in a small, pthey say 18 inch spot and water ipe had fwurs and water was ouring in on her she was wet pand just scared. pall they could see was her feet. pand the neighbor the neighbor's pson found her and talked her pthrough staying calm until the aramedic and a firefighters pcould get her out you could not pmake it here quickly enough for pyour family. pdescribe for me what you're ptrying to do today. pthere's a lot of work ahead. pyesreough ptrying to find important aperwork things like that for pher. p>> and it lastly but not least
9:37 am
pbecause this home was on the pmarket. pthey were hoping to sell the phome now they've got to figure pout what if anything they can psave p>> yes. p>> well now it's a fresh start pfor someone. pthis is going to beautiful water pfront property for sale. pso god works in mysterious ways. p>> thank you so much, tammy for pyour time. pand tammy's parents this, home phere, they lived here for a pnumber of years. pbut this is not only home that pfolks will be trying to repair por take a look at and assess now pwe're in daylight hours. pif you take quick look right pover here to side of me roof pdamage a neighboring home. pjust as you look down the pstreet, home after home after phome, covered with those blue ptarps just evidence of that ptornado that came through. pin just such a short time. pchanged people's lives. pback to you. p all right. pshayla, thank you. pwhat a mess it is. p>> thank you. psad to see. p>> sure is.
9:38 am
phow frightening it must have pbeen. p>> i was saying we were pdiscussing while we were listen pthing to her how she spun it, pmanaged it's the land now. pwater front property. pwhat a lot. p>> yeah. p>> yeah. pthat's tough clean up ahead. pto lindsay. pyeah. pstepping all over you. pgo ahead. pstepping all over each other. pi thought i'd do start by pshowing radar take you through povernight clearly damage we pshowed you is no the type of pdamage we typically see from ptornadoes here in tampa bay. p>> and the set up was jet stream pwas involved. pwe had a potent frontal system pnew yorking on our door step all pthis sheer? patmosphere. pi circled in red this is p2:00 a.m. pa super cell thunderstorm that pheld together for while we set pthis into motion, you can see pdarker red shade clearly the ptornado it maid mull pelt ptouchdowns include duet closer pto 4:00 a.m. those winds damage
9:39 am
pmiles an hour, that's why it was pso extensive. p>> sadly this is gone. pbut aftermath will be felt for pdays ahead. pless gusty today frontal system pwell to south jet stream wet to psouth with winds out north pcolder air to north will pcontinue to stream in the next pcouple of days. pwe're waking up radio now ushing 50. p47 in tampa. p45 in brooksville. pbig 24-hour changes anywhere pfrom 15 to 20 degrees cooler at pthis hour. pwe'll struggle to hit 60 for the pafternoon high. pbut good news is winds that were phowling, a little bit brooedz by pthe bay. pbut noticeable lighter than what pwe saw just 24 hours ago. pseveral dry days to go had pseveral cool days. p60 for afternoon high less pwindy. pjoan it lots of festivities for pmartin luther king, jr. holiday. p41 that's it overnight coolest pbay. pthat frees watch when morning ptuesday during day cooler for a
9:40 am
pnorth winds a 15 knots. pseas building to six feet on pwater today. pthose drop a bit this afternoon pour next high tide 10:31. phere's my seven-day forecast, pembedded thunderstorms possible pfriday. pwe'll watch. pthe weekend look chilly and pbreezy for saturday at least. p70s come back briefly thursday pand friday. p all right. pit is boycott of the biggest pkind. pacademy awards. pwho is thinking of saying no to pthe oscars and why. pand the rain is over for star pwars. pit finally lost its top spot at pthe weekend box office.
9:41 am
pis place coming up righ look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
9:42 am
pthousands patch at church to a plate david bowie. pseveral bands and artist from paround world took the stage ptrying to replicate the sounds pthat only bowie could make. pand fans, they just loved it. pthey say that it's their way of aying their last respects. pmight have heard ironically bow prereleased his last album friday pbah he died.
9:43 am
pit is topping billboards charts pmaking bowie's number one album pin his career. p>> in big surprise, "the prevenant" did not move at top. pa that went to spotlight. pbest actor and actress pnomination were pretty redictable leonardo one for the premnant bree larson one for her prole in rum other big winners psly stalone amy schumer and pfirst year critic combine tv pmovies so ceremony actually plasted longer than three hours. p>> there's another movie finally ushing star wars. pforce awakens out of number one pspot at the box office this pweekend. pthe imagine that, what took its lace, ride along 22. pkevin hart and ice cube. pit was obviously a sequel.
9:44 am
pthe plot involves the brother pbrother-in-law following up on plead in miami about a drug pcartel and only heart ice cube pcan make that into a comedy. pcoming in number 2 was "the prevenant" and star wars finally pdropping to third still bringing pin an impressive $25 million. pyou heard it before, a huge phonor to just be nominated now pelectric movement in hollywood pto boycott academy awards. pthis mer mur has been growing psince this year nomination did pactor. pjada pink et smith pondered pshould color refrain from articipating altogether she put pthat question along with lengthy ost questioning the academy prespectfully she see shed of pcourse she continued with at the poscar people of color are also pentertain. pbut we're rarely recognized for pour artistic accomplishments eople can only treat news way
9:45 am
pshe signed off, with much pdisappointment. p>> all right. pwell, gas prices are low but pthey could go lower. pthe reason coming up next. pbut first here's look today's
9:46 am
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p right now, gas prices or pbelow $2 a gallon nationwide. pand they will probably stay that pway for at least a little while. pthe markets are closed today but rice of barrel of oil closed on pfriday at $29. pand now, iran is saying they pwill increase production of pcrude oil by 500 thousand pbarrels a day. pthey are doing that sanctions pwere lifted today. pwhich in turn will help keep rices down. pwhile markets are closed today, pthere's lot of business news set pto come out starting tomorrow pmaria looks a what we can pexpect. p markets are closed on monday pfor martin luther king, jr. day. pso tuesday kicks off really busy pweek of boat load of important pdata coming out on tuesday out pof china. pincluding the chinese gdp, china pindustrial production and china pretail sales.
9:49 am
pvery closely given that the pstokt market has melted down pthis year, and so far, in 2016 eople are worried about the pglobal economic growth story pbecause of china. phere's global strategists and peconomist mohammed from on psunday morning futures this pweekend. plooking a trying there concern pbut i think we overreact but pwe're overreacting thisser thing pis happening central banks are pno longer market's best friends. pso we will continue to overreact pto any negative news. palso this fourth quarter earning ick up in earnest this week a pwell data on inflation housing pand philadelphia federal reserve psurvey on manufacturing. palso we've got latest from iran, pas we are expecting that p$100 billion in sanctions will pbe lifted as early as monday. piran will get that money. pambassador dew anies ross pspecial 9 score on sunday pmorning futures this weekend pwith impact. pthese are frozen accounts of
9:50 am
phalf of that they already are pobligated in terms of debts to pchinese and others you're plooking a 75 to $100 billion in pterms of real money that piranians will have access to pmost of that i suspect will be pused for domestic purposes hard pto believe that at least 5 to 10 ercent of it isn't going to go pto hezbollah and other militia pgroups. pfor sunday morning future as p10:00 a.m. eastern live and for pall latest business and the peconomy join me work days for my pmorning program on fox business pnetwork check local listings or pchannel find tore find it in pyour area.
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9:54 am
pour coldest morning week sets up pshop on wednesday. pso not tomorrow morning we will psee deep freeze but on wednesday pmorning citrus hernando and psumter counts you may dealing pwith freezing temperatures. peven frost. pseven-day forecast shows that proller coaster ride down swing pnext few days then up to 70 pthursday. p38 on wednesday morning. pyes, a couple thunderstorms not pout of question friday afternoon pand evening. pbut setting stage for rimitiving saturday on bay pshore. pmake sure awatch forecast with pus fine tune them i'm thinking players saturday right now, guys. p all right. plindsay, thank you. ptoday is monday, january 18th. pdr. martin luther king, jr. pjunior day. pfor somebody. pthat would a nice way to honor pdr. king. plive and kelly and michael is pnext. pthen wendy williams. pi'll see you at noon everybody. p>> we were trying to start noon pshow an hour early.
9:55 am
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